The Devil's Domain: Issue #3 

Mephisto set on his throne in his hellish domain. His hand stroking his chin while deep in thought. What to do about this new wild card called Foreman. Things have been going my way for about a century now and evil has not only caught up to good but currently has the advantage. An advantage that I will not give up Mephisto thought. Pride Mephisto pondered that's the key, his pride as a warrior will be his undoing. Mephisto then let out a cold cruel laugh.

Foreman went over all the data in his confortation with the Champion and he was pleased. The Elders were defeated, Warlock's team has recovered without any losses. The Crowd of Darian was in Warlock's possession and momentary safe. I think I will take a little break Foreman thought. 

Foreman flew to Triton, Neptune's largest moon. It has alway been my favorite spot in the Sol system because of the beautiful active nitrogen methane geysers, Foreman thought. This natural phenomenon cannot be seen any where but here. Suddenly Foreman's cosmic senses alerted him to a incoming visitor. 

"You really enjoy these pitiful light shows don't you?" Mephisto hissed. "Beauty is never pitiful, most evil one," Foreman answered. "I have plans and you shall not interfere with them," Mephisto bragged. "I will oppose you at every turn," Foreman stated as he looked Mephisto straight in the eye. "You will then be destroyed," Mephisto spat. Foreman fired a bolt of mystical energy from Gohos without warning knocking an unprepared Mephisto backwards at least 50 feet. The embodiment of evil rose absolutely sure that this Foreman had to be destroyed. He had been hit with pure mystical energy of a type that he had never felt before and it had hurt him. That was something not even the Surfer had been able to accomplish. "You attack me without warning, that's something the noble Silver Surfer never did," screamed Mephisto. "I am not the Silver Surfer," Foreman simply replied. "You actual believe you can defeat me any where any time any place don't you?" Mephisto hissed. "That's probably an accurate statement," and Foreman immediately regretted what he just stated. "I am so glad you feel that way," the evil one laughed.

Instantaneously Foreman found himself in Mephisto's relm with it's ruler sitting comfortably on his throne. "Not so cocky now are we," Mephisto smiled. Foreman knew he had made a major error but he could not allow Mephisto to see any sort of weakness. "The change in venue will not help you because even here at the height of your power I am still Foreman. Came the challenge. Anger boiled up in Mephisto as he stood and screamed, "I am surpreme here!" "This is my relm and I cannot be defeated while in it." And with those words a burst of mystical flames shot out of his mouth knocking Foreman clean off his feet and to the ground. Foreman got up and dusted himself off as if nothing happen. "Now do you comprehend your situation," Mephisto snickered. Foreman knew that he was in a tough spot. Trapped in Mephisto's relm it will take all his wits to escape. "Now do we really have to fight? The dark lord asked. You know I bet we can come to some type of an arrangement." An opening Foreman thought, let's see where this will lead. "Just what are you thinking," asked Foreman. "Why don't you come and work for me, Mephisto answered. "Evil is winning in this universe and once the Tribunal learns that his herald has failed he probably will seal this universe off. This will allow me to pursue ulitmate power with minimal opposition. You then can become my right hand man if you swear your loyalty to me." 

"You know I could never do that," Foreman answered. "Why not?" Mephisto asked innocently. What do you have to look forward to? What has fighting for good ever really gotten you?" Mephisto waved his hand and a mystical viewing portal open into Foreman's old universe. There sitting on small asteroid was Vanna in tears. "See you decided to leave her to fight the good fight and it broke her heart." Foreman was seething in anger but remain composed. "She made her choice," Foreman replied. "So she really has nothing to cry about." "Well work for me and I will grant you any female of your choice in this universe." 

"Interesting, Foreman replied but I have a different idea." "And just what would that be," Mephisto inquired. "On Triton I knock you down and you said it was only because you were unprepared. When you brought me here you knocked me down and I say that I was unprepared also." "Your point." Mephisto said. "We both know how this is going to end so I challenge you to a test of power here in your own relm. "You are truly desperate but state your terms I could always use a good laugh," Mephisto stated as he sunk back into his throne. " It's fairly simple, Foreman answered. "I assert that I stand right here and prepare my defenses while you draw in as much power from yourself and your relm as possible. You then give me your best shot and I claim that even here you cannot knock me off my feet." Mephisto let out a blood curling laugh that has not been heard in his relm in centuries. "You have went truly insane." Mephisto continued. "Why should I agree to this silly test?" "Well I'm still an unknown who has issued you a challenge in your very own relm. If you refuse it just might encourage beings say like Blackheart or perhaps other jealous types along the lines of a Hela, Pluto, Seth etc, etc.. Besides could you image Odin or Zeus turning down a challenge from an upstart in their relms? Surely Mephisto is their equal" "I am their superior, spitted Mephisto and I accept your deranged test."

Got him, Foreman thought trying not to look to smug. "Ok give me a second, and after a few hand wavings movements, he stated I am ready. Give me your best for all the good it will do you." Mephisto stood boiling with rage. "Fine if you want to go out this way I will be most happy to be your demise." "But know this I will torture your immortal soul for all eternity." Mephisto raised his arms and black cracking energy began to rush into him from all corners of his relm. He began to grow in size as his intake of energy grew. Then as he became fat and bloated Mephisto screamed "Die" and released his massive energy build up as a destructive blast aimed straight at Foreman. Foreman raised his staff activated a special power and waited. Well Mephisto thought that's one problem solved as the blast hit Foreman and unexpectedly rebound back toward it's caster. "Shit!" was all Mephisto had time to utter as he was completely obliterated by his own blast. Foreman knew that Mephisto was not truly dead. The lord of evil will reform given enough time, but in the mean time the universe can catch it's breath without Mephisto around. Foreman grinned and thought I must make sure I don't make another mistake and find myself trapped down here again as he teleported back to his complex.                  


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