Origins and The Living Tribunal:  Issue #1


50,000 years ago in a universe a long way down the multiverse's corridor Foreman fought the good fight against evil. His Earth was like a midevil fantasy world with dragons, orges, demons and magic in abundance. Foreman grew into a legend, a destroyer of evil, a fighter without peer. With his enchanted sword Gohos at his side there was no monster or foe who could stand against him. His reputation grew to the point that it finally caught the eye of the beautiful Vanna who belong to a race of mystical immorals, the rulers of Foreman's universe. About every eon the immortals chose a candidate to join their rather exclusive group. The candidate had to be devoted to the path of good and show the ability to handle great power.  Foreman fit the bill and had no more Earthly foes to conquer so he gladly accepted their offer of advancement. There were about a dozen immortals including Foreman all on the Sky father power level. The transition was not an easy one for Foreman. The immortals had no nature enemies and Foreman found it extremely difficult to give up his mortal life as a destroyer of evil. However immortals were forbidden to interfere in the lives of mortals except in the most extreme of cases. Foreman was bored as bored could be as an immortal so he took the time to study every known combat technique in his universe for over 50,000 years.

Foreman met Vanna on one of their favorite worlds as they did every year since he had become an immortal. Their relationship has grown far beyond the teacher and pupil level, they were in love. This was generally frown upon by the other Immortals as it generally required the Immortals to return to a physical body to enjoy the fullest fruit of their love. Vanna was true a beauty, tall curvaceous with long flowing blond hair and an intellect to match her looks. Their chemistry was immediately felt even from their first meeting as mortal and immortal. "When are we going to start playing house together?" Foreman teased. "You know the other immortals frown on such relationships." Vanna answered. "Who cares what they think," Foreman replied. "It's impossible to talk to you," Vanna said as she threw up her arms. "Then let's quit talking," and Foreman grabbed her in a passionate embrace. She did not resist as she met his passion with her own. As they laid on the blue grass of one their favorite worlds Foreman said what was was on his mind. "I want more." "If we truly love each other let's quit hiding it and start acting like it every single day." "Foreman my love," Vanna answered. "You know that I am three times your age and even thought that's meaningless between immortals I do have responsibilites to the immortal council that I cannot ignore." "So the council gets priority?" Foreman asked. "It is how it must be," Vanna replied. "So be it then," Foreman replied and flew away.  

One day as Foreman was flying through the stars he got the strangest feeling that something big was about to happen. Sure enough a spacial gate started to form in line with Foreman's flight path. A giant golden being appeared, it's head floating above it's shoulders which was mostly covered by a purple veil. Foreman was so stunned that he stopped in mid-flight to immediately gaze at this extraordinary being. This being radiated power on a level that Foreman had never experienced in his 50,000 years of existence.

 "DO YOU STILL WISH TO FIGHT EVIL?" boomed from the golden being. Foreman was stunned. What did this being truly mean by that question?  "Yes more than anything." Foreman blurred out followed by the thought of what did i just get myself into? "I am the Living Tribunal the guardian of the multiverse. I can send you to another universe, one in which the balance between good and evil has been tipped in evil's favor." The Tribunal stated. Foreman's mind swirled. The chance to make a difference again. "I accept your offer, send me." Foreman replied. The Tribunal held out a massive golden hand and proclaimed, "Your sword, give it to me." Gohos Foreman thought. Why does it want my sword. Gohos was something that Foreman did not really need as an immortal but he still could not find it in himself to put away his old mortal weapon. Reluctantly Foreman gave Gohos to the Living Tribunal. "I will remake you and your weapon to better fit your new universe." The Tribunal stated. Energy flowed from the Living Tribunal hands bathing Foreman in a red glow. Pain nausea and vertigo struck Foreman to his very soul. Seconds later it was all over. Foreman once again had a permanent physical body. His clothing was red and black with a ying and yang symbol on his chest signifying his new position as the balance between good and evil. Gohos once a sword was now a staff that contain a great amount of Foreman's former mystical power. Another spacial gate formed and the Living Tribunal said, "Go now! You will find an abandon base on the dark side of Earth's moon. I suggest that you use it to learn everything that you need to know about your new universe. Foreman looked at the Tribunal and said, "Thank you. But may I have one hour to say good bye to someone?" "One hour," answered the Tribunal.

Foreman found Vanna studying a struggling civilization. "Hey that's a new look for you," Vanna laughed. "I am leaving this universe," Foreman said flatly. "What are you talking about," Vanna replied. "You know as an immortal you may create your own pocket dimension but you cannot actually leave this universe even immortals don't have that kind of power." "I have been given an offer from a being called the Living Tribunal," Foreman stated. Vanna was shocked. She had heard the older immortals talk about the Tribunal in whispers. "You are serious," Vanna asked perplexed. "Completely serious," Foreman added. "I will only stay if you agree to shed the shackles of the other immortals so we can be together as you know we should." "I need time to think," Vanna ask. "I have only one hour," Foreman replied. "I cannot make that kind of decision in so little time," Vanna pleaded. "Then the decision has already been made if it's honestly has to take any amount of time," Foreman stated. "Goodbye and I do love you." And with those words Foreman telelported back to the Tribunal's position, Vanna yelled "Wait!" But Foreman was already gone. Foreman viewed the Tribunal's portal nodded his head and flew straight into it. Vanna appeared just seconds behind Foreman and watched as the portal closed behind him. All she could do was cry.      

Foreman appeared less than 100,000 miles from Earth's moon in his new universe. Instantaneously Eternity, Death, Master Order, Lord Chaos, and Galactus became aware of Foreman's presence and none were happy about it. Foreman had study some Astronomy but never really paid much attention to Earth's moon. A hidden base on the moon's dark side Foreman thought. An excellent hiding place to be sure as he surveyed the area. Foreman soon zeroed in on the complex it's massive metal door slightly open. The complex was said to be abandon. Well I guess nothing of any value stays abandon forever Foreman thought. Making his way down a long hallway Foreman passed through two small rooms then entered what looked liked the complex's control room. Standing over a computer terminal was a man with long white hair dressed in a tatted green robe. He had a staff also but his had a head of a lion. The oddest thing Foreman noticed was the red blindfold he wore.

The man looked up upon realizing that he was not alone. "Leave." Was all the being said. "I'm afraid you are in my place and you will be the one leaving." Foreman replied. "Really? Do you not realize that I am the Possessor, an Elder of the universe? I thrist for knowledge and this based formely used by that accursed Watcher Uatu and all it's secrets is now mine." Proclaimed the Possessor. Foreman's cosmic senses told him the Possessor was evil so his path was clear in his mind. "I was sent here by a being called the Livivng Tribunal to be the balance between good and evil and I detect that you are evil." Foreman stated. The Possessor jaw dropped. The Tribunal generally did not involve himself in such matters. This being must be delusional the Possessor thought better to just dispatch him and be done with it.

The Possessor fire a cosmic blast straight at Foreman who easily dodged the attack. Foreman returned fire from his staff Gohos and the Possessor was knocked off his feet. The Possessor was in shock. The power of Foreman's attack was quite unexpected and what was worse it hurt. Generally few things can actually hurt an Elder, but the energy from Foreman's staff did just that. Foreman closed the gap preparing to force a melee confrontation as the Possessor rose to his feet. "You fool! I have fought one on one with the godling Hercules." shouted the Possessor. "That nice, Foreman replied but I'm not Hercules, I am FOREMAN." The Possessor aim his staff at Foreman hoping to drain his life force away. A red glow suddenly engulfed Foreman protecting him from the Runestaff's attack. The Elder enraged swung the Runestaff and Foreman blocked the attack with Gohos which then slid up and caught the lion's head and yanked the Possessor's staff from his hand. Weaponless the Elder was again stunned. No one has handled him so easily before. Then he simply laughed and stated. "Well what are you going to do now? I am a poor blind weaponless opponent." "I have been assigned a specific function. To destroy evil and restore balance to this universe. Foreman proclaimed. The Possessor smiled, "Well you have a bit of a problem because by Death's own decree we Elders cannot die." "Any being can die," Foreman stated, Gohos formed an edge as the staff came down decapitating the Possessor who merely stood there with arms out stretched. Foreman was surprised that the Elder did not even attempt to evade the blow. Foreman waved his hand and the Possessor's remains disappeared. Time to get into these computer files and learn everyting I can about this universe Foreman thought.

The Possessor found himself in Death's relm lying before her throne of bones. Death herself was sitting on the throne quite surprised that an Elder just popped into her relm. The Elder start wimpering, "I not suppose to be here, we had a deal." Death stood and raised her hand ready to send the Possessor back to the land of the living when without warning the Living Tribunal appeared. "No! bellowed the Tribunal, Foreman's decision supersedes your agreement with the Elders. Death simply blowed her head while trying to hide a tighting jaw, as the Possessor screamed, "NOOOOO!"   

It took Foreman a week to go throught Utatu's files. Unbelievable Foreman thought. They are so many beings of great power in this universe. Entity level beings like Eternity, Death, Master Order, Lord Chaos which were just concepts back in my old universe. Beings of unimaginable power like Galactus, The Celestials, The Stranger. Cosmic cube beings like Kubik, Kosmos. Strange energy beings exist like the Phoenix along side Kronos the Eternals "god."  The race of the Watchers as well as the Elders of the universe were extreme power houses, the Possessor being one of the weaker of the group was no where near, the power level of the Grandmaster, Runner or the Champion. There were other powerful races also like the Asgardians, the Olympians, and the Heliopolis gods.  One being immediately caught Foreman's eye, Mephisto the Lord of evil. For all intentions Satan, the devil himself. This being may not be able to be destroyed but he at least must be contained some how, Foreman thought. Sky father beings like Odin and Zeus also caught Foreman's eye as they seemed closer in power to the immortals from his old universe. Another being also stood out among the others, Thanos of Titan. A being who was always in the pursuit of ultimate power and actually succeeding on at least two occasions only to later give that power up. Absolutely fascinating Foreman thought. Foreman also found another interesting file, one on himself. Hmmm, maybe the Tribunal's doing in order for me to get a better understanding of my transformation Foreman ponder. His physical form was that of an Eternal. Excellent choice Foreman thought, the Eternals' have extremely durable bodies not to mention complete and total control over them. Foreman was also happy to see that humanity was doing well in this universe. In his former universe humanity destroyed itself during it's atomic age. 

Foreman stretched his legs out putting his feet up on the desk. Yes this is going to be a very interesting universe to live in. Evil abounds and it's my job to destroy or contain it. Just like old times, Foreman laughed to himself.                            

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