Rulk's Rage: Issue #4

Thanos set in the command seat of his ship deep in thought. I need solid information on this Foreman. I need to study and observe him in order to discover what his strengths and weakness are. He has intrigued me and warrants further attention. Then and only then can I determine if he is truly a worthly opponent.  

Foreman was exploring his complex when his cosmic senses alerted him of a problem on Earth. Earth Foreman thought, I am pleased that the human race did not eradicate itself as it did back in my old universe. Guess I better go see what going on. Foreman flew away from the moon and head toward Earth. His cosmic senses soon pin pointed an area in Death Valley California. Great another battle field Foreman thought. It appeared that two groups of the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and two different groups of the X-Men were battling one lone figure. A very large red being was wiping the desert floor with Earth's heores.

Rulk, Foreman identified the red being. He's just to much for even large groups of Earth's heroes. Time to get my hands dirty I guess Foreman thought.

Thanos' observation drone told the Titan that Foreman was about to fly into action. Rulk Thanos observed. This could be an interesting test one that I must watch and record.

"I am tired of taking orders," screamed Rulk. I have both the brains and the power to destroy you all and rule this pitiful planet. "Never will we bow to you," Captain America shouted. "Be reasonable Rulk declared. Your most powerful members the Hulk, She-Hulk, the Thing and Colossus all lie unconscious." "What hope do the rest of you have?" Cap's answer was a thrown shield. Rulk caught it and threw it into orbit. Then Storm hit Rulk with a ligthning bolt and Rulk laughted. "That tickled," and thanks for the energy boost. Sue Richards tried to contain rulk in a force field but the brute simply applied powerful steady pressue to the point that Sue passed out. 

"Captain America" Foreman shouted, withdraw your teams I'll deal with Rulk. "Who are you?" Cap asked as Foreman landed beside him. "I am Foreman, sent to this universe by the Living Tribunal to be the balance between good and evil and my cosmic senses tell me that Rulk is evil in the extreme." "But you are just one person," Cap said. "Can you honestly handled him one on one?" "Without question." Foreman answered. Foreman had little time to convince Cap so all he said was, "Forgive me" as he grabbed Cap's wrist and entered his mind. Captain America saw everything, Foreman's history and recent entranced into this universe, his battles against the Champion, and Mephisto.   

About this time Wolverine attempted to jump on Rulk's back but the big red monster simple caught him and threw him over the Rocky mountains. "Always hated that little shit," Rulk laughted. "Pull back, retreat" ordered Cap while regaining his senses. The remaining heroes obeyed as Rulk replied "Now that's more like it. No need to get yourselves killed. I'll need good servants when I take over." "Who is this guy," Storm ask Cap. "I'm hoping our salvation," Cap answered. 

Foreman advanced and Rulk seemed puzzled. "Who in the blue blazes are you?" Rulk asked? "I will state this one time and one time only Foreman replied. "Surrender and I will drop you off on some uninhabited planet, you will at least keep your life." Rulk roared with laughter. "You want me the most powerful being on this planet to surrender to you just you?" "You are in error," Foreman corrected Rulk, you are not the most powerful being on this planet because I am." "Bold words, let's see if you can back them up," Rulk cried out.

Beams of intense heat shot out from Rulk's eyes toward Foreman who easily dodged them. "So you are quick," big deal Rulk stated. "Want to taste what I can shoot at you?" Foreman asked. "Sure anytime," Rulk said. Even the Silver Surfer's cosmic power could not effect me. "Ok," Foreman replied mildly and Gohos fired a bolt a mystical energy straight at Rulk striking him dead center and dropping him to his knees. "What was that," screamed Rulked that hurt." "You were ask to surrender and declined, now you must face the result of your decision," Foreman declared. "I will kill you," screamed Rulk as he leaped toward Foreman who met him in mid-air with a strike to the head from Gohos. Rulk was not a dummy when it came to combat and grabbed Gohos after he was struck. "Ha, I got your weapon now and I'm going to snap it like a twig." "Be my guess," replied Foreman but I doubt that you have the strength to perform such an act." Rulk applied the pressure attempting to snap Gohos in half but try as he might he could not even begin to bend the staff let alone actually break it. "Bah I'll just get rid of the damn thing," Rulk taunted and throw Gohos into orbit. "There you are now weaponless," What do you got to say about that?" Rulk bosted. Foreman simply held out his right arm open his hand and Gohos reappeared. "What? " Rulk stated, because he was clearly confused at this point.

Interesting, Thanos thought observing this conflict through his hidden drone. Foreman's weapon is impressive. Apparently indestructible, and it teleports back to him, thus he must have some type of psionic/psyche connection with it. Also It is effective as both a long range and a melee weapon. Thanos set back to enjoy more of this contest.

"I am tried of playing with you." screamed Rulk as he charged Foreman, his body heating up to the point that his feet were leaving glass foot prints in the desert. Foreman knew Rulk was not to be toyed with. He was showing signs of major frustration and he did not want Rulk to escape. The red behemoth raised his fists and pound both of them on the ground with all his strength. Foreman simply floated above the 7.5 earthquake it caused. Then with ligthning speed Foreman shoved Gohos deep into Rulk's cheast as Gohos transformed into a spear. The look on Rulk's face was one of total bewilderment. Foreman then activated a mystical blast and Rulk's body blew in half. 

Thanos was surprised. Foreman was not your typical "hero." He show no mercy in battle the Titan mused. I am actually beginning to like this Foreman Thanos thought grinning ear from ear.

"Did he just kill Rulk?" Iron Man asked already knowing the answer to the question. "I am afraid so," Captain American replied. 

Foreman approached the group of heroes who were none to happy with what just took place. "Did you have to kill him?" asked Captain American. "Yes" was all that Foreman said as he opened a small spacial portal and Cap's shield fell out of it. "You have seen who and what I am." "I will stay true to my duties," Foreman stated and with that he teleported back to his lunar complex. "Well at least he appears to be on our side," She Hulk stated. "Yes at least for today he was," Cap answered as he picked up his shield and walked away.             

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