Thunder On The Moon: Issue #6

Thanos put the finishing touches on his Foreman-bot and was pleased. This looks extremely accurate he thought and along with this little magical gem I found on some nameless far away deserted world it will supply my Foreman-bot with some mystical punch. Thanos activated his creation and asked, "Do you understand your mission?" "Yes master." The Foreman-bot replied. "I am to go to Earth find and attack the Asgardian God of Thunder Thor and escape to the moon's dark side leading Thor to Foreman's door step. Then go invisible and record their conflict." "Exactly Thanos stated, and do not fail me." "I will not master."  "Go now and carry out your mission," ordered the Titan.

Thor and the Lady Sif were finishing helping earthquake workers remove large chunks of rubble from the devastating 7.8 earthquake that hit Chile when the Foreman-bot found them. Perfect Thanos gleemed as he view everthing from his Foreman-bot's eyes. "Thor god of thunder," the Foreman-bot proclaimed as he hovered in the sky above the the rescue team. "Face me and die!" "Are thou crazy, there are innocents about." Thor replied. "There are no true innocents," the Foreman-bot answered and released a mystical blast from his staff that slammed into Lady Sif and knocked her into two human rescue workers injuring them servely. "Foul villain!" Thor yelled. "Thou shall pay for attacking the Lady Sif and helpless mortals." "Talk is cheap thunder god. Let's see if you can even catch me first." With that the Foreman-bot shot up into the air looking to leave a stunned Thor far behind. "Go after him." Sif declared. "I will see to the mortals." Thor nodded and started swinging Mjoinir to persue the Foreman-bot.

So far so good Thanos mused as he leaned back in the chair of the Demeter to watch the events he set into motion unfold. Now let's get this little drama to the moon and we should have quite a show. 

The Foreman-bot had enough of a head start to stay ahead of Thor but close enough to allow the Asgardian to track him to the dark side of Earth's moon. Landing outside of Foreman's complex the Foreman-bot lingered just long enough to allow the thunder god to catch sight of him as he turn invisible. Thor will now assume that I entered the complex the Foreman-bot said to himself. 

Foreman was checking Uatu's weapon collection and was quite impressed with the fire power the Watcher had amassed when the whole complex shook. What was that Foreman thought. He soon made his way to the main chamber and the viewing screen held the answer. Thor was striking the front door with his hammer in an attempt to force his way in. What now? That's the Asgardian god of thunder Thor the Odinson. Why is he beating on my front door? He's one of the good guys but he sure looks ticked. This universe is never dull Foreman sighed. Foreman teleported outside approximately twenty feet behind Thor. 

"Hey Foreman shouted, did you need something?" Foreman kept an Earth like atmospheric like dome about one mile around the complex. "Foul villain, thou shall now face the wraith of the thunder god for your evil deeds." And with those words Thor threw Mjoinir at Foreman. A simple teleportation to a spot a few feet away allowed Foreman to avoid Mjoinir. "Evil magic thou does possess but it will save thee not." Thor stated as his hammer returned to him. "Wait Thor I'm not your enemy," Foreman replied. "You lie villain. Thou attack Lady Sif and injuried two motals as we sought to aid them from a most powerful Midgard tremor." "I have not left my complex in weeks," Foreman answered back. "This was once the dwelling of the noble Uatu and thou shall not defile it," Thor stated. So much for this being a secret base since everyone in this universe seems to know about it Foreman thought. "I do not know who attack Lady Sif but it was not me Thor," Foreman made one last attempt to cool thunder god down. "I shall remove thee from this place," Thor said as he closed the gap to meet Foreman in melee combat.

"And if I have to subdue you or knock some sense into you I will," Foreman stated flatly as Gohos came up to block Mjoinir swing. The two combatants stood there locked in a test of strength. Thor pushing downwards with Mjonir while Foreman blocked upwards with Gohos. Muscle strained against muscle as Thor said, "Thou are powerful but none will prevail against the god of thunder." "Really?" Foreman replied and with a surge of strength threw Thor backwards sending him tumbling head over heels. "Odin's blood! Thou's strength is at least equal to an enrage Hulk's." Thor now concerned stamped his hammer on moon's surface to send a lightning attack hurling down upon his foe. Foreman raised Gohos high above his head and the staff absorbed the ligthning. "I will tell you one last time Thor leave my base, I did not attack".... but before the last words could be spoken Thor launched himself through the air and tackled Foreman. 

This is getting good Thanos laughed to himself. Foreman's defenses are impressive but he has not open up on Thor and is clearly holding back. I hope he does not disappoint me. 

Foreman clearly under estimated Thor's speed and quickness as the Thunder God rained blow upon blow down upon him. Can't let this happen again Foreman thought as he raised his legs up and caught Thor in a scissor hold and freed himself. Foreman grabbed Gohos and fired off a blast of mystical energy at Thor who raised Mjoinir to meet it. The hammer absorbed the blast but shook violently in Thor's hand. "The relm eternal, Thor said shocked. "This has never happen." "Though it pains me I know what I must do. You are too powerful a foe to be allowed to remain here so I must summon all my Asgardian might and channel it through my hammer in a god blast."

The Asgardian is prepared to release his best Thanos observed. Now for Foreman's real test. How does he deal with power on this level? 

Foreman also knew what was soon to be unleased on him. He stood his ground with Gohos pointing at Thor. Mjoinir started to glow and Foreman braced himself. The god-blast erupted from Mjoinir but it never reached Foreman. It went instead into a spacial portal that Gohos opened in front of him. The spacial portal re-open directly behind Thor and the thunder god was knocked unconscious by his own attack. Well that ends that Foreman thought. Still if I heal Thor he will probably just attack again, so maybe I should take him to Asgard and let his own heal him. Foreman looked down at Mjoinir, this might be a small problem. My battle ethics probably makes me unworthly in Asgardian eyes. With a wave of his hand Thor's hammer started to float beside Foreman, however there are more than one way to skin a cat as the old saying goes. Foreman open a dimensional portal to Asgard threw Thor over his shoulder and was gone.

Fairly impressive Thanos gleemed. Foreman handled Thor quite easily and showed a cool intelligence when faced with the Asgardians famed big attack. Now let's see what happens in Asgard itself for I have bitter sweet memories of that relm. 

Materializing on the rainbow bridge Foreman soon spied Hemidall guardian and Asgard's first line of defense. "Halt intruder, Hemidall shouted. "I come with an injured Thor," Foreman replied. Just then Odin and Lady Sif teleported beside the rainbow bridge's guardian. "It's him Lord Odin the one who had attack us" Sif stated. Foreman bowed his head and said, "No my lady it was not I who attacked you. Thor also believed as you do attacked me and was defeated in combat. I have brought him to Asgard to be attended to. Would an evil being do this?" "Take Thor to the healing pool Sil," Odin ordered. Foreman handed Thor to Sif and she left to attend to his injuries. 

"If thou be a true warrior born why cannot thee lift Mjoinir? Why does thee have to use magic to carry the mallet?" Now I'm facing off with the most powerful skyfather of this universe. Foreman ponder. How do I get myself into these confrontations? "Lord Odin," My battle ethics are not the same as Asgardians, for this reason Mjoinir would find me unworthy." Odin closed his eyes then opened them and proclaimed, "Thou are lacking and must be taught a lesson." Foreman reached out with his cosmic senses then answered, "I guess if it must come to this then so be it." 

Never in my wildest dreams could I have hoped for an Odin Foreman confrontation. Thanos mused. This should be good.

Odin's right hand began to glow as did Gohos. Both hand and weapon was raised at the same time and pointed in the exact same direction. Both blasts got off at the same time and struck the invisible Foreman-bot destroying it. The Foreman-bot head's rolled right to where Odin stood. The Asgardian skyfather reached down and picked up the head. "A foul machine," Odin said. "Look at it even deeper Lord Odin, Foreman asked, and you might recognize a specific life force." Odin waved his hand over the head and replied, "Thanos!" "The Titan has been observing me for sometime now, testing me. I suspect he fooled Thor into attacking me." "Be thee aware then cause the Titan is a powerful foe indeed." "I most certainly will and now I must leave your beautiful relm Lord Odin." And with those words Foreman open a dimensional portal back to the moon.

Well Foreman is certainly now aware of my observing him. It does not matter for I am Thanos and I get what i desire.        

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